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There is one in Kansas City!

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Many times we have parents telling us that their children LOVE certain toys we have at preschool.  We often direct people to our favorite school supply websites such as DISCOUNT SCHOOL SUPPLY (we get 99% of our art supplies here) and of course we would mention US TOY/CONSTRUCTIVE PLAYTHINGS that is located about 103rd and State Line Road.  Here are links to their websites.



The buzz around here, though, is the new warehouse that has opened in Kansas City:



This company carries unique educational toys and games.  In the past we have even used fund-raising money to purchase  games and toys from this company.  This would be a great place to check out for Christmas gifts for your kids too.  A couple of items we recommend are:

Magna tiles


 and Geo boards


As I was looking through their website a few other items caught my eye.

Can’t you see this one on the front of your refrigerator – great play while you are cooking!


Kids love games with 3-d pieces.  This one encourages language and categorizing skills.


This Bingo game has a fun popper – what child wouldn’t like that?  It seems like a fun way to practice recognizing letter sounds.


Here is a link to information about their new location.


We can’t wait to go check this out in person.  Maybe we will see you there?

One thought on “There is one in Kansas City!

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love Lakeshore & had no idea there was one in KC! You made my day!

    Lyneda Rogers Sent from my iPhone

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