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Lots of pumpkins

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Almost a month ago, a very large delivery was made here and it was quite exciting.


A big semi truck pulled into our parking lot, backed right up to the front, and lo and behold…


it was full of pumpkins!  Unfortunately the children weren’t here to experience this but we documented it with pictures!  Lots of volunteers came to help the church unload all of those pumpkins.  Do you know how many there were?  There were close to 4,000 pumpkins delivered!  We talk about this with the children… “how many pumpkins do you think there are out there?”  They don’t comprehend thousands or even hundreds but we do talk about if there are more than 10 or 20.  It’s good estimation practice!

The annual pumpkin patch here at Aldersgate UMC is a tradition that benefits the youth group mission trips.  It’s a great cause and so much fun for our preschoolers to experience!  If you were here at the Fall Festival, then you may have experienced our pumpkin pounding.  The children love to pound those golf tees into the pumpkin over and over again!   It’s a great cause and effect activity, it works our muscles, and it’s so much fun!


We also spend time walking around the patch and investigating all of the different sizes, colors, and shapes of pumpkins.


Children learn with their whole bodies and all of their senses so when they are touching, carrying, pounding, and looking at pumpkins, they are learning in the most beneficial and effective way!


Last week in Enrichment, we tasted pumpkin seeds and also did a little craft with them.  We traced our initials using the seed.  The children took great pride in writing their initials and lining up the seeds.


And during Parent Day today in Yellow class, the children decorated their pumpkins with feathers, googly eyes, and other fun pieces.

So many things can be done with pumpkins: pounding, painting, measuring, investigating, decorating, cutting and so much more!  We have welcomed fall with the pumpkin patch and will be sad to see it end.

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