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How to get your child to pay attention part 2


Last week I began discussing some ways that you can assist your child in increasing his/her attention span. We talked about board games! Besides sitting for an extended period of time, there are so many benefits to playing board games.
In addition to playing games, there are also so many other activities that your child may enjoy doing.
IMG_5939Like play dough!  We make our own play dough here at Aldersgate.  You can add special colors or even spices to really make it interesting.  If you’re interested in making your own at home, you can find the recipe here.  Children love to manipulate play dough and it’s great exercise for their hand muscles too!

IMG_5799As a parent myself, I’ve found it very beneficial to have lots of art supplies always readily available for my children.  And, I always have my own children put a placemat beneath the art that they are doing.  I have found that the Pottery Barn Kids placemats work really well for this and are easy to clean.

IMG_6061Painting is so much fun too!  And watercolors are much less messy than other paints. Each of these activities: painting, play dough, and coloring are wonderful for fine motor!  When the children are using their hands to manipulate art, they are preparing those hand muscles for writing.  It’s pretty amazing how important using our hands is in building up fine motor.

And, please be aware that in those early childhood years, children naturally learn through movement

2 thoughts on “How to get your child to pay attention part 2

  1. I bought a set a trays like those used in the classrooms through Oriental Trading. There were six in a pack, but we have found multiple uses even as the kiddos grow up. My oldest uses them to keep his Lego pieces in one place while building and also to hold the rainbow loom bands while making bracelets. My youngers use them for play dough, puzzles, markers/paint, bead stringing etc. And to clean them, I borrowed Ms. Michelle’s tip of letting them play shaving cream on them.

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