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How to get your child to pay attention

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Quite possibly you just read the title of this post and are anxious to read what I have to say.  Because, who wouldn’t want an easy answer for how to have your child pay attention?  Unfortunately, in early childhood, much of what drives us crazy about our children is actually just developmental.

“Why won’t he sit still?!”

“Because developmentally, he can’t.  He is three and lacks the emotional abilities that are required for focusing on tasks.”

Try saying that next time you overhear someone complaining! Ha!

There are some things that you can do at home to foster and increase your child’s attention span.  BOARD GAMES!


Believe it or not, children love to play games and there are so many benefits to doing it: from learning about taking turns and waiting your turn to practice in focusing and paying attention to learning about losing (and, yes, that is a very important life skill)!


Some believe that putting children in front of technology or the television fosters attention span.  Research and studies have actually proven the opposite.  Children benefit most in quality activities that involve others.


And board games are an activity that promote and support this.  When kindergarten teachers were asked what types of qualities they look for in incoming kindergarteners, most answers include things like, “waiting their turn, sitting for a period of time” all things that can be practiced through playing a simple board game.

Some favorite games here at the preschool include:

  • Candyland
  • Hi Ho Cherry-O
  • Zingo
  • Memory

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