Aldersgate Preschool

Building on the Rock – part two



Building strong with mortar:

Shelly Todd (our Assistant Director) led us in discussion about the mortar of our days.  We all know that children’s brains are more active with movement, language and music.  How can we use those elements throughout our day – even during transition times?  If children’s minds are engaged, they are much more apt to be doing what we need them to be doing and learning in the process.  Our staff are each ready with new tools for building “with mortar.”


Building with humor (and song):

Humor is essential when you are working with young children.  Do you laugh often as parents?  Believe me, humor can diffuse those moments that might otherwise become stressful.  As a staff we laugh a lot.  With that in mind, we had a performance of the newly formed “musical” group, The Hard Heads!  This group performed several songs that were modified to fit our preschool.  You can hum along with the words on the screen to the tune of YMCA.  We are silly and laugh a lot!

hard heads

Building knowledge and skill:  

While this happened later in our set-up week.  We were glad to refresh our training in CPR and First Aid.  Have you had this training.  If not, is this something you would like us to offer for parents?


Building a circle of strength;

We rely on each other.  We rely fully on God.  As a staff we gathered together making connections personally and then closing our meeting with a prayer of thanks for all the people and other support we have here at Aldersgate Preschool.  It is inspiring to hear so much thanks as we begin a new year.


We are excited to start a year full of building!  Building trust.  Building connections.  Building on skills.

Building a family.

And, hopefully the building of our new roads will progress quickly too.


7 thoughts on “Building on the Rock – part two

  1. I think offering the CPR and first aid to parents would be a GREAT idea!! Something we should all know and be up to date with and what better place than in the schools!

  2. Thank you so much for all you do for our child and family as a whole. We would definitely be interested in CPR training!

  3. Very nice blog post! I would love if you offered first aid/ CPR for parents! I was actually just looking into where I could take a class after Sydney choked on a peppermint recently. I knew what to do but thought a class would really give me more confidence!!

    Thanks for sharing! Gwen Luzader

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  4. I hear some interest in the CPR/First Aid. I will see if the group that did ours would come back for another class or two for parents. I know it is a very important class to have.

  5. I would love a CPR class! Although I’ve had one, I would feel a lot better with a refresher class so I feel more confident. Thanks for doing so much!

  6. I remember Shelly saying to try to sing directions — especially when you are getting frustrated. After spending five minutes trying to get my 2.5 year old to sit in her car seat, I started singing it. “You better get in your car seat now or we will be late to get your brother. Let’s sit, sit, sit and click, click, click.” I am not sure if it will work everytime, but it got us to preschool pickup on time and no tears! She did sing “sit, sit, sit and click, click, click” the entire car ride though! 🙂

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