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Is summer getting long? Does the heat outside cause grouchiness? How about trying some magic inside? Earlier this year, I conducted a really cool science experiment with our Blue class. It’s super easy and super cool which are two really important factors in how I choose activities with my kids.
The things that you need are things that you probably already have around your house:
*2% or higher milk
*food coloring
*dish soap
Pour some milk into the bottom of plate until you have a nice, shallow puddle. Put a drop of each color of food coloring onto the milk. Then, place your Q-Tip into the dish soap and touch it into the milk. Sit back and watch the magic happen!

You can experiment with where you put the color drops: in the middle together or spread out in different corners. See how it affects the color. Give your child toothpicks and let them experiment with the food color before you add the dish soap.

Another activity that I did with my children every summer was crayon rocks. This is another super easy and super fun (notice a trend here?) activity.
All you need:
*nice, smooth river rocks (cleaned)
Gather your rocks onto a foil lined cookie sheet and heat in the oven until they are nice and warm. Pull your rocks out and, using your crayons, begin coloring. (The only hazard involved here is making sure that your child does not touch the hot rock and honestly, my children never did.) The crayons will melt as the children color and it’s a pretty cool thing to experiment with.

Melted Crayon Rocks

Click on the picture above for more pictures and  instructions.

Hope this helps you survive the soaring hot temps outside!

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