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More Summer Fun Ideas

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Looking for some more fun things to do this summer?  One of my girls’ absolute favorite things to do in the summer is shaving cream!  We use the cheap Barbisol ones that cost $1 at the Dollar Tree and we make memories!  Papa even participated last year!

We investigate with shaving cream at school too! It’s a sensory activity that children love. The way it feels, smells, and how easily we can manipulate it with our hands are all so fun!  And when a big enough mess has been made, we can hose it off!


And when children investigate, they are being creative!  Creativity is something that I value so much!  It’s always fascinating to watch a child create.

Abby art

Speaking of creativity, there’s an art festival going on this weekend in Olathe.  We attended last year as a family.  Remember how I told you that I appreciate things that are not crowded and are easy?  This is one of those things.

We walked around, ate snow cones, talked to artists, looked at art and even participated!  And when we got tired and hot, we went home!  Click on the picture above for more information!

There are also lots of fun things that you can do at home to be creative:

*make some sidewalk chalk paint and decorate the driveway

*buy some butcher paper cheap at a local newspaper office, lay out the paper (outside even) and let the children go crazy

*create a collage (gather a bunch of materials: paper scraps, buttons, doilies, cupcake liners) and create!

*buy some paint daubers and let the children “daub”

Do you have other activities that you enjoy doing with your children?  Have you gone out and attended any of the events that I’ve posted about?  I would love to hear from you and share some of your stories and pictures!  Feel free to drop us a line at and we’ll share your pictures and stories on the blog!

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