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It about balance

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Parenting is a tricky enterprise.  Often we struggle knowing just how to balance things.

Have fun playing with the kids * Follow our schedule

Allow children to help with chores * Get dinner on the table in time for evening activities

Encourage independence * Provide support

Plan for open play time * Offer your child a chance to try new activities like soccer, dance, . . .

Allow children to make choices * Provide boundaries


It’s this last thought that Amanda Morgan, author of the Not Just Cute blog, addresses in her latest post.   You can find that post here.


I like to surf the net looking at different parenting, decorating, crafting blogs, etc.  With the many that I enjoy now and then, I have very few that I have signed up to receive a notice of every post.  Not Just Cute is one of those.  I encourage you to consider it as a regular as well.



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