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Fun, Educational, and Nutritious Too!

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As the summer rolls along, I hope to share with you some of my favorite activities to do with my own children.  And, you’re in luck, I prefer easy, crowd-free, and cheap!  In checking through my Instagram feed today, I noticed that a friend had posted a picture of her children during a little trip to the farm for some strawberry picking.  Honestly, we have never picked strawberries but every summer (in July) we pick blueberries.

By clicking on the photo above, you should be taken to a link regarding Gieringer’s Orchard in Edgerton, Kansas (not very far away at all).  And, if you read through the information, you’ll find a coupon too! (bonus!) And, strawberry picking is perfect right now (so is the weather)!

Some cautions of berry picking: if you’re anything like me, it may become a bit of an obsession, “Oh no, we’re not done, look at all these plants with berries on them!”  For some reason, I am a little “type A” and feel the need to try to pick them all (who needs 10 pounds of strawberries?)! Children have short attention spans, aren’t so precise, and may be a little messy.  Keep in mind, you’re doing this for fun!

Benefits of berry picking:

*It builds up fine motor (yep, share that with the family next to you while you’re there, and I’m sure they’ll be super impressed) Imagine the coordination, the muscles it takes to pick those berries.

*Plants are low to the ground, perfect for little ones! (Not so good for you, but hey, you’re making memories!)

*A repeat: you’re making fabulous memories!  And, what I’ve found: even if you’re children complain during the whole trip, next year, they’ll fondly remember it and beg to go back!

*Berries are super nutritious: power foods!

*Children thrive in nature! (Notice I link to a wonderful article on what research tells us about children in nature: reduces stress, helps with ADD, supports creativity, nutrition, and on and on and on.  And if you’re super planned and organized, pack a picnic lunch to enjoy while you’re there!

I do suggest you check their website or call prior to making the trek out there.  Once you’ve got the “okay,” go and check it out!  Let us know how it goes!

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