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Summer Bucket List

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Preschool concluded last week and we celebrated with an end of year picnic!  When prospective families ask me what sets us apart from other preschools, one (of a few) things that I enjoy sharing is the sense of community that we have here at Aldersgate.  We are very much a family.  It’s not easy to say goodbye to families who have children moving on to elementary school.  We hope you will keep in touch and come back to visit!

Summer isn’t quite “officially” here but it’s a great time to begin planning.  One of my children’s favorite traditions is making our “Summer Bucket List.”  Honestly, I try to keep our events simple so that once summer ends, I don’t feel like a failure for not completing everything.  Click on the picture below for a link to a free printable.


What are some activities that you definitely want to make sure you complete this summer?  There are so many inexpensive, accessible activities in our area from the best parks to visit, great aquatic centers and pools, kids eat free deals, and many others.

Below is a list of parent sites that include calendar events:

KC Parent Calendar of Events

KC Kids Fun


And, while more than likely your children aren’t reading yet, Half Price Books has a fun reading program called Feed Your Brain that they can participate in through read aloud and earn Bookworm Bucks to buy books!

And, don’t forget that some of the best activities really are the simplest.  My own children love our annual shaving cream fights, sidewalk chart art, and even walks to Sonic.

Summer bucket list


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