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Kindness and Running: yes, they go together at preschool

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Yesterday we had two devotion worships that reinforced our previous talk about being kind.  1 Timothy 6:18 tells us to “Instruct them to do as many good deeds as they can and to help everyone.” 

In the morning devotion Ms. Shelly showed everyone how long the kindness chain is  – it almost stretched across the sanctuary!  In the afternoon worship we even counted the links up to 100 and estimated the rest of the links.  There are many more than 100.  Amazing!  Our children are being so kind and helpful.   I hope this is something you are still talking about at home.

IMG_4562 IMG_4567 IMG_4569 IMG_4573

We learned a song about having God’s love “Deep, Way  Down Deep” in our hearts.  It is that love that prompts us to show kindness and to be helpful.  Here is a link to this song performed by the christian music group, Selah.   We modified it a little for the kids but they will still enjoy this.

 Thank you God for all the ways you help us.   Help us remember to always help others in every way we can.  Amen!

Before our Discovery Days 1 class returned to their room we took advantage of the cleared out space in our worship center.  I am sure you know it but I’ll say it again – running is fun! 




We shared excitement and energy but we also learned a lot!  We had some real life experience with body space awareness, coordinating movements with friends, stomping, galloping and other movements, self-control as we waited for the “Ready, Set, Go,”  and so much more.   Don’t you love all the happy smiles? 

And kindness – we practiced kindness (holding hands and helping) even in our busy play.


This was all a spontaneous activity but it was a good one!

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