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Inside entertainment


There are about 13 inches of snow outside. It’s cold. Our school was closed last week for a few days for Parent/Teacher conferences. I have a feeling parents are feeling a little cooped in while their children are feeling a little restless and full of energy. Happen to have some painters tape on hand? Hopefully some of these ideas for fun indoor play will help:

* Grab some painters tape and old paper. Stretch lengths of tape at different angels across an open doorway. Wad up the paper. See how many you can throw and get stuck to the tape. (thanks Anna Bannister for posting this idea from PInterest on your Facebook page)
* Make a painters tape roadway.
* Make a painters tape jumping course.
* Use painters tape in some art.
* Use painters tape for some name art.
* Throw bean bags into painters tape shapes.
* Use ANY kind of tape and boxes to CREATE! Sorry, I don’t have a post or a picture of this but, seriously, this will fill your child’s afternoon. Gather old boxes, tape and markers and let them have at it!

If you haven’t found yet I encourage you to check it out. Type in a search such as “children’s fun” “indoor fun” or “killing time while the kids are inside” – well you get the idea. You will find a wealth of ideas for fun play with your children. By the way, if you click on the picture of a Pinterst post it should direct you to the original post. I send out a GREAT BIG thank you to all those websites where these posts originated!

Have fun, enjoy these unexpected days when you can’t go and do. Snuggle, read, and play!

2 thoughts on “Inside entertainment

  1. Who knew that painter’s tape could b e so much fun?! Thanks so much for sharing. I will forward to family and friends with small ones to help add some fresh fun to their days. I just might go borrow some wee ones for awhile so I can do it too. :o)

  2. We did the tape in the doorway with the paper balls. Hudson LOVED it and we discovered that the smaller ones stick better and also throwing it straight rather than up at it helps too 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

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