Aldersgate Preschool

He’s so Very Small

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I believe one of the most heartwarming things on this earth is the sound of children singing! 

Thank you to our Aldersgate families for taking time to participate in our Christmas Worship and activities.   There was almost no room in the inn worship center.  Thank you, too,  for your patience with the crowded spaces. 

Thank you to a few families that graciously allowed me to post their nativiy pictures on our blog.  (I wish I had asked everyone but I didn’t think of it.)  The nativity pictures are such a sweet way to capture your kids “in the Christmas story.”   IMG_1905IMG_1908I love the innocence of this sweet little guy looking for the baby.  Even though you don’t see all these boys faces, I love how intently they are looking.  Can you just imagine how amazed we would be standing at the manger of our Lord?

IMG_19242 Baby Jesus was well cared for here.  This sweet little one instantly picked him up to cuddle him!


And, as picture times go, it was hard to get all children looking and smiling at the same time.  It’s not about doing things perfectly though.  It’s about the experience!  Hopefully these photos will bring fond memories for many years to come. 

Of course we did all this to honor our baby Jesus.  I love the words of one of the songs the children sang:

        He’s so very small.  He’s a baby
        He’s so very small.  He’s a king.
        He’s so very small yet he’s God’s own son.
        We welcome the baby the King!

I pray we are all readying our hearts to truly welcome the baby the King!

PS – we hope to soon have a recording of our Christmas songs on our website. 

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